Rowley Masonic Community Expansion and 28th Street Construction

In 2012 CGA was hired as the Civil/Site Engineer for the design of the site, access, utilities, storm water management, and parking for a 70,000 square foot building expansion for the Rowley Masonic Community in Perry, Iowa.  CGA's staff worked closely with the Design team and the Owner to develop a feasible design that would accommodate future expansion on the site.  The Project Manager attended monthly meetings with the Rowley Board of Directors, staff, and their lending company from November 2012 through March 2013 to present the project status, proposed design, and estimated budgets.

CGA represented the owner at meetings with City staff, Perry Waterworks, Planning and Zoning, and City Council to negotiate a city street and city utilities to be placed through the Rowley site as a benefit to the proposed project and the City.  CGA and Board member efforts resulted in a dedicated city street alongside the new building expansion project.

CGA's work began by collecting detailed topographic and boundary survey information of the 30-acre site to be used in the design phase and subdivison of the project.  Once existing conditions were known, CGA worked with the design team to conceptualize the project and final subdivision of the parcel.

The overall project was split into three portions that were co-designed in the spring of 2013.

Early Site Grading Package:

Over 70,000 CY of dirt was moved around the site for an overall balanced design.  The Early Site Grading Package included preparing the building pad, construction of two storm water detention basin, preparing the road subgrade, preparing two parking lot subgrades, and installation of a portion of the storm sewer system.  This work began in July 2013 and was completed in October 2013 with CGA providing construction staking and administering construction.

28th Street Construction:

CGA coordinated the alignment, profile, storm sewer, and utilities of the new 28th Street with the Rowley site improvements.  A corridor 1,330 feet in length was designed and construction documents were prepared for the southern 800 feet including paving, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer.  Water main was coordinated with the Perry Waterworks and will be completed in full in order to improve flows to the surrounding neighborhoods.  CGA prepared cost estimates and assisted the attorneys with appropriate cost sharing splits between the City of Perry, the Parry Waterworks, and Rowley Memorial Communities.  Construction began in August 2013 and is estimated to be completed in July 2014.

Rowley Masonic Community Expansion Project:

The final site design for the project includes two parking lots for 71 vehicles, fire access lane, service drive, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, walking paths, bioretention cells, native grass swales, storm water management, and landscaping.  CGA prepared Schematic Design Documents, Design Development Documents, Construction Documents, Narratives, Public Displays, and cost estimates through design.  Construction began in October 2013 and is estimated to be completed in August 2014.

Rowley Masonic Community Expansion and 28th Street Construction

Rowley Masonic Community Expansion and 28th Street Construction




Project Summary

  • Location:  Perry, IA
  • Brief Description:  Site Design
  • Total Cost = $1,000,000 for Rowley Site Improvements and $505,900 for 28th Street Improvements
  • Project Type:  Site Investigation/Feasibility Study, Site Design, Utility Engineering, Parking Lot, Storm Water Management, SWPPP and NPDES, Construction Administration
  • Principal:  *Mindy Bryngelson, P.E.
  • Project Manager:  *Mindy Bryngelson, P.E., and *Mark Crawford, P.E., L.S.I.
  • Designer:  *Andrew Inhelder, E.I.
  • Completed: August 2014 (est)

*on a proposed team