VA Medical Center Security Gates

CGA partnered with TSP, Inc. to complete the planning, design, and construction of new 8' security fencing and slide gate project for the VA Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa in August 2013.  Topographic and Boundary Survey was completed around the perimeter of the 50-Acre propoerty and within select corridors through the site in October 2013.  A Retracement Plat of Survey was completed to establish the property line and fence alignment.

CGA created a Plan and Profile along the entire fence alignment.  Two fencing options were desired by the owner with decorative fencing along 30th Street, Douglas Avenue, Euclid Avenue, and 36th Street.  The remainder of the site that borders a wooded area will be enclosed with chain link fencing.  Decorative pillars were located by stationing and the existing surface was used to establish required stepping of the fence sections.  Six gates were placed based upon the owner's desires, the VA Physical Security Design Manual, and the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General's "Emergency Preparedness in Veterans Health Administration Facilities."  Four vehicular access gates and two pedestrian gates were incorporated into the design.  All vehicular entrances were redesigned to accommodate center pillars and required bollards.

The overall design was completed for the project in November 2013.  A detailed cost estimate for the site was incorporated into the electrical and fiber optic costs to determine appropriate phasing to utilize the owner's allocated funds for Phase I.  The design team worked with the owner to identify priorities and Bid Documents were created accordingly.  The Bid Documents were reviewed by the Owner and it is anticipated that Phase I will go out to bid in 2014.

A Medical Center Security Gates

VA Medical Center Security Gates




Project Summary

  • Location:  Des Moines, IA
  • Brief Description:  Construction of a new security fence and gates around the 50 Acre Veterans Affair's hospital facility
  • Total Cost (Overall) = $2,100,000 (est)
  • Total Cost (Phase I)=  $800,000 (est)
  • Project Type:  Institutional Road Design, Construction Administration
  • Principal:  *Mindy Bryngelson, P.E.
  • Project Manager: *Mindy Bryngelson, P.E.
  • Designer:  *Andrew Inhelder, E.I.
  • Completed: Fall 2014

* on a proposed team