CGA Projects:

ISU Research Park U.S. Ecomonic Development Administration Preliminary Engineering Report, Ames, Iowa

Day-to-Day Planning Services

CGA can provide day-to-day planning services and administration to communities throughout central Iowa. These services include development review, zoning administration, and subdivision and code ordinance writing.

Zoning Ordinances and Development Regulations

CGA can assist cities with analysis, review, and update of their zoning regulations, subdivision ordinances, and other codes. Our staff has written dozens of ordinance changes on a variety of topics, including updated zoning districts, wind turbines, cell phone towers, planned unit development ordinances, accessory structure ordinances, and many others.

A Zoning Ordinance is a locally adopted law that regulates land use, building and lot size, density, and location of development within a community. Zoning Ordinances have two components - written text and a map, and may also include provisions governing signage and parking regulations. Iowa law requires any community with zoning laws to have both a Comprehensive Plan, Planning Commission, and Board of Adjustment.

CGA can assist with the creation, administration, and review of these regulations and help set up the necessary Boards to administer a zoning ordinance in your community.

Zoning in Small Communities

Small communities often do not need a full Zoning Ordinance to protect residential neighborhoods from industrial or commercial uses.

These communities may enact a Restricted Residence Zoning which only allows residential and related uses within residential neighborhoods. It is less complex and easier to administer than a Zoning Ordinance; all permitting is handled by the Council.

CGA can assist in the creation of Restricted Residence Districts and give briefings to City Councils on its administration.

Development Review

CGA staff can also assist your community with expected outcomes of development proposals and ensure that zoning and subdivision ordinance implementation is consistent with the city’s comprehensive plan. CGA staff can attend meetings and work sessions of your planning commission or city council, make site visits, and prepare professional opinions for the city council regarding the subdivision requests and zoning ordinance changes.

Other Community Plans

CGA can also assist communities and developers in identifying potential funding sources and has built solid relationships with community partners including Central Business Districts, Regional Council of Governments, and Counties.